Decision Analytics

Robust Analysis and Models

Healthcare Risk Holders and Fiduciaries

TrendShift puts real power behind your healthcare decision-making. Our game-changing Decision Analytics solutions focus on achieving superior outcomes for employees, plans, and providers. We deliver agile enterprise solutions for medical/pharmacy claims management, and opportunity analysis to forward thinking risk holders and fiduciaries.  Our clients can leverage unprecedented levels of actionable insight and continuously improve their care models.

The Agile Healthcare Platform

Our robust, scalable, and agile technology platform supports active decision making by providing focused performance updates from real-time dimensional data. We show you opportunities to improve value — they are highlighted and prioritized so you can execute on them today, not weeks from now.


The Power of Our Platform


Data Capture

Our platform consolidates disparate data from across your healthcare enterprise and organizes it in TrendShift's private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant cloud.


Data Integration

We ensure disparate data sets are readily cross-analyzed. Our proprietary approach allows us to continually identify unique opportunities to save and create additional value.


Opportunity Analysis

Our innovative architecture can run an entire package of opportunity analysis algorithms in real-time. And our Data Integrity solution inspects every line of every claim.


Agile Data

With our agile platform, we’re able to constantly integrate new data sources. Anytime we identify new opportunities in the data set, we work diligently to ensure that all of our clients benefit. We also encourage clients to collaborate with us on new ideas, datasets, and integration options.


Agile Management

You can now manage your health plan more effectively and transparently — thanks to the capabilities of our cutting-edge platform. The insights gained allow for improved management, risk mitigation and superior outcomes, while continually driving performance value and return on investment.

Decision Analytics Products

Data Integrity

Insight, Transparency, and Accountability — Improving Your Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

If value-based healthcare is the future — and we believe it is — then data mastery is the key to effectively identifying opportunity and risk.

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Opportunity Analysis

Discovering New Opportunities

At every step of care management and delivery, TrendShift Opportunity Analysis helps you easily discover ways to gain more efficiencies, uncover savings, improve care and enhance your ROI.

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Sophisticated Payment Integrity

Simplifying Complexity — Increasing Accountability & Transparency

Medical and pharmacy claim payments are exceedingly complex. The diagnostic-related groupings alone — ICD9, ICD10, revenue codes and modifiers — are just a few of the 1000s of variables that impact the payment of medical or pharmacy claims.

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Management Dashboards

Identify Actionable Opportunities in Real-Time

Senior executives and benefit managers can create, socialize and collaborate via our management dashboards. TrendShift analysis and models can provide immediate measurement of historical, current and projected plan metrics.

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