TrendShift’s Big Vision


Industry transformation is not for the faint of heart.

It requires imagination, experience, industry savvy, and a vision for the future. TrendShift has that vision and, as its name implies, was founded to fundamentally ‘shift’ the thinking on healthcare analytics, and help employees, plans, and providers achieve game-changing outcomes not possible before now. Our powerful SaaS-based solutions promise to forever disrupt the healthcare industry status quo. We’re shaking things up. We’re redefining what healthcare transparency is all about.  We’re enhancing accountability for all with the ultimate goal to lower costs, increase transparency, mitigate risk, and enhance value. And we’re doing it all in real-time.

From our Agile Healthcare Platform to our Decision Analytics and Risk Assessment offerings, we’re giving risk holders the solutions that have been missing in the marketplace for far too long.


Over the course of their careers, the TrendShift team has developed of 1000s of proprietary algorithms, adjudicated approximately a trillion dollars in claims, and developed a state of the art pattern recognition system. Our end-to-end solutions begin with decision analytics and extend to consumer-directed population health. We presently service over 125 companies and 250,000 end users.

TrendShift, LLC is incorporated in Delaware with corporate headquarters based in southern California and regional offices in the U.S.

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