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TrendShift has created an unrivaled suite of powerful SaaS-based applications for healthcare risk holders that promises to disrupt the industry status quo. Leveraging real-time data, sophisticated analytics and our agile technology platform, we help employers, self-insured plans, fiduciaries, health systems, and networks achieve game-changing outcomes. We increase claims payment accuracy, provide greater transparency, and improve population health while lowering costs, mitigating risks, and driving value-based care.



Why TrendShift?

Extensive Experience
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Over the course of their careers, the TrendShift team has developed 1000s of proprietary algorithms, adjudicated approximately a trillion dollars in claims, and developed a state of the art pattern recognition system. Our end-to-end solutions begin with decision analytics and extend to consumer-directed population health. We presently service over 125 companies and 250,000 end users.


Decision Analytics

Our advanced Decision Analytics support active decision making by providing focused performance updates from real-time multidimensional data. Opportunities to improve value are highlighted, prioritized, and executed on. 

icon_barChartAcquire & normalize data from disparate data sources and store in TrendShift's secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud.
icon_magGlass_barChartAnalyze data to establish clear baselines for measuring continuous improvement.

icon_bullseyeIdentify actionable opportunities to improve efficiency and increase value.

icon_checkBoxDeliver unparalleled insight and transparency of plan, vendor and member performance.

icon_speedometerMeasure & monitor key metrics with management dashboards; monitor members through our secure, HIPAA-compliant online portal.

icon_lightbulbPredict and manage risk at the enterprise and individual levels to optimize outcomes

Strategic Risk Assessment

TrendShift’s Risk Assessment solutions address both the enterprise and personal aspects of healthcare and financial risk. At the enterprise level, our analytics enable high value health and medical care decisions through effective guidance and care coordination.

On the employee side, TrendShift's secure, HIPAA-compliant portals allow individuals to monitor their personal key health data and risk profile to empower them to impact their healthcare decisions and improve outcomes. Learn more.

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SaaS-Based Agile Healthcare Platform


Delivering value-based metrics in real-time requires a robust, scalable and agile technology solution.  Our SaaS-based Agile Healthcare Platform captures and organizes all available healthcare data into an integrated platform. Our proprietary algorithms analyze your data sets and deliver insightful analytics that uncover valuable trends and quantify new opportunities. They serve as the foundation for value creation and strategic business actions. 

TS100 Broker Program

Our partnership program for independent brokers and benefits consultants helps bring TrendShift’s unique products and technologies to the self-insured health benefits market. TrendShift has a distinct value proposition for independent brokers, allowing them to compete, engage and acquire large and mid-tier accounts. Learn more »

We help our partners grow their business, create more wealth and share in our success.

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